4 Things You Can Do TODAY to Spruce Up Your Site

Maybe you really, really want a brand-spankin'-new website, but it's just not in the budget for you right now. That's OK – you can go a long way just by making a few quick changes! Once you've done the four things listed below, I guarantee your site will make you much happier. :-)



That's it, guys . . . 2 or 3. (Not including black and white.)

Don't overload your site with too many competing colors. It's distracting and confusing to viewers and it'll turn them off.

If you need help choosing colors that look great together, try coolors.co. (It'll give you a five-color palette, but limit yourself to only using three colors at the most.) You can also try Paletton.com, but I will warn you: it's a little more complex than Coolors. 

You could even search Pinterest for color palettes. Try searching for the main color you'd like (ex. "teal color palettes") and see if any of the results inspire you. :-)



When it comes to fonts, there are two main kinds that you need to know about: serifs and sans serifs. Serif fonts have the little extra thingy on the ends of letter strokes (think of "Times New Roman") and sans serif fonts are, well, sans serifs – without those thingies (think of "Arial" or "Helvetica").

Traditionally, serif fonts are used for body text and sans serif fonts are used for headlines. That formula works well in print. On the web, you'll see sans serifs used for body text, because supposedly it's easier to read on a screen. But as long as your fonts are big enough (min. 16px), either one should work well on-screen. 



We don't read websites like we read books. We scan the page. (Admit it, you do it, too!)

To make scanning easier on your reader, go through your text and break up any paragraphs that are longer than three sentences. Forget what your high school English teacher told you – break 'em up. (BTW, I'm a licensed high school English teacher, and you have my blessing). 

Don't forget about bullet points! They can be incredibly useful in presenting a lot of information in bite-size snippets of text. If you've got a paragraph with a lot of information in the same overall category (like features of your particular service or product), use bullet points to list out those info nuggets.



White space is your friend. Love it. Nurture it. Let it breathe.

Don't fill up every inch of your site with something, be it text or images. Too much clutter on a page looks overwhelming because it's confusing to know where to start. It makes people want to leave your site, which is the LAST thing you want!

(And it doesn't have to be white, BTW. White space just means space that isn't taken up by other elements.)

There you have it, friends – four easy tips to help tidy up your site and make it more inviting and attractive for your target audience! Hope this helps you out! 

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