Break These Writing Rules in Online Copy (and the #1 Rule to Always Keep)

I’m a former high school English teacher. That means I have the authority to tell you to break writing rules. That’s right, friends, you’ve got my permission to finally write the way you’ve always wanted to! Take off those shackles and taste freedom!

So without further ado, here are some writing “rules” you can toss out the window when you’re writing for online use – and the #1 rule you absolutely MUST keep.

My Process from Start to Finish {Part 3: Copywriting}

Ahhhhh . . . we finally get to my favorite part, copywriting.

(Well, it's one of my favorite parts. OK, they're all my favorite part, in different ways . . . you know, like parents with their kids. Allegedly.) 

Anyway, my background is in teaching writing, so this phase is naturally enjoyable for me. The hardest part is just getting some words on the page, because what I really love to do is edit and proofread, but I've gotta have some material first before I can jump to that part!