5 Ways I’m Preparing My Business for a Holiday Break


Yes folks, it’s That Time of the Year again. If you’ve been in any stores lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed!

(But seriously, am I the only person who feels like 2018 just started? I mean, it DID, right? Like maybe a few weeks ago?)


Like it or not, the holidays are upon us (Thanksgiving is in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, y’all) and my guess is that you’d like to take some time off from your business to actually enjoy it. Totally understood. I want the same thing.

That’s why I’m planning to take off the last week of December and the first week of January. (We’re going to DISNEY WORLD – woot woot!) However, I’m not planning to drop my biz like a hot…chestnut roasting over an open fire? (Look, I’m trying here.)

Instead, I’m making plans NOW to keep my business going even when I’m in sunny Florida. Read on to find out how it’s gonna work.


Duh, of COURSE this is the first thing, right? But if you’re not really looking ahead, it may not be so obvious. It’s easy to accidentally overlook the time you’re planning to take off, especially if you’re booking client work.

But I’m deliberately not planning any client projects during the time I’ll be away. I’ve blocked those two weeks off so I don’t forget. (And I’ve made sure to physically block them off in my online scheduling system, too!)

When I get inquiries about starting new projects, I’ll either schedule the project to begin a few weeks BEFORE my vacation, or I’ll simply start it AFTER I come back. And clients will understand. Chances are they don’t want to work during that time either!


I’ve already planned my editorial calendar out through the end of January! That means I won’t be wasting any time trying to figure out what I want to write about when I’m creating blog posts.

This is a small, simple thing that avoids a lot of frustration and last-minute panic. Each week, I see what topic I’m supposed to write about, making it much easier to get my blog posts done. I can’t stress how much this saves you time, which is something that’s in short supply at the end of the year!


Not only do I have my editorial calendar filled out through January, I’m also working on drafts of the blog posts I have scheduled during my vacation. This way, they’ll already be written and ready to go, and I can just schedule them to be published during my leave of absence.


I’m also creating the social media graphics for the aforementioned blog posts ahead of time and scheduling them to be published during those two weeks I’ll be gone using an app called Buffer (if you haven’t checked out Buffer, definitely do – it’s awesome).

And for my Pinterest posts, I’ll be setting up my Tailwind account to pin for me during my vacation. (That’s another app you should check out!)

For my followers, it will look as though I’m still actively engaged with my blog and my social media accounts, when in fact I’ll be hanging out with Mickey & Co. in the wonderful Florida sunshine. Brilliant, right? (Let’s be real, though – I know I’ll still be checking my social accounts over vacation….)

5) I’m automating my client inquiry process.

Remember how I said I’m not scheduling client projects over my break? That’s all fine and dandy, but what happens if I get inquiries during my time off? Well, I’ve got a solution – automated emails through my client management system (Honeybook).

If someone would submit an inquiry from my website during those two weeks, they’d receive an automated email letting them know I am out of town, BUT they’d also get a link to schedule a consultation with me (and since my online calendar will be coordinated with my schedule – as described in #1 – the first available time slots will be when I’m back home and ready to get to work again).

By taking the actions listed above, I feel confident that my biz will chug along smoothly while I spend some time chillin’ with The Mouse & Friends (and an overexcited 6-year-old, and my husband, and my in-laws…but I digress).

So what do YOU do for your business when you’re planning a vacation or break? Tell me in the comments!