My Process from Start to Finish {Part 5: One-on-One Training}

FINALLY! The branding is finished, the copywriting is done, and the website is complete!

Buuuut we're not done yet, my friend. Now it's time to learn how to handle your website stuff on your own! (YOU CAN DO IT!)



After I finish the website, I'll ask you to schedule a meeting with me using my online calendar. (I use Acuity Scheduling, which is super easy to use . . . and best of all, it's included with a Squarespace plan!)

We'll plan for anywhere from a half-hour to an hour and a half, based on your current comfort level with Squarespace or Wix, whichever platform you chose. 

(And just to be clear, if you need the 90-minute option, we don't have to do the full 90 minutes in one go – you're welcome to break it up into 2-3 sessions if that works better for you.)

After I get the notification that you've scheduled a session with me, I'll send you a link for our online meeting. I use Zoom, which (in my opinion) works a lot better than Skype. I especially like how easy it is to share my screen with my clients! 

Note: It's important to be on a laptop or desktop computer for this training, because you'll need to see what I'm doing on-screen. Right now, Squarespace doesn't let you manage your site on mobile devices, so you'll need to use a desktop or laptop anyway.

So what happens during the training session?

Well, unlike a lot of web designers, I'll teach you to not need me anymore. Yep, by the end of our training session(s), you'll learn how to manage your website on your own. I promise it's not nearly as hard as it might sound!

We'll start with a tour of your new site. I'll take you through each section of each page, making sure everything meets your approval. Then we'll get into how to do the basics. Here's a list of some of the things I'll cover:

  • Adding, changing, and deleting text

  • Moving things around

  • Inserting images or videos

  • Adding and formating pages

Then we'll move on to some of the deeper stuff, which includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Changing popups/newsletter blocks

  • Creating landing pages

  • Editing links

  • Editing mobile view

If you've got a blog, you obviously need to know how to add blog posts! That's one thing I'll show you how to do, but there's a lot more to blogging than just posting your latest stuff. I'll also show you how to format your posts, use tags and categories, insert photos and videos into your posts, and more. 

Finally, we'll have some time for you to ask me any questions you may have that I hadn't already answered. I advise my clients to come into this meeting with a list of questions to make sure I cover everything they can think of during our training session.


Well, almost. Find out what's still left to do in my next post (which is also the last post in this series on my process from start to finish).


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