My Process from Start to Finish {Part 6: After the Project Ends}


After all this time . . . we've finally made it.

Branding: check.
Copywriting: check.
Website: check.
One-on-one training session: check.

Yaaaaaay, right?


So what's left to do? 

Not that much, actually – but our time together doesn't end the moment we hang up from the training call. There's still a bit of housekeeping to do.

First things first: If there are any changes I need to make to your website, I'll do those right away. Usually there are a few little odds and ends, but nothing major – I'm talking about things like connecting social media accounts to the social icons or making an image a little bit bigger, something along those lines.

Next, I create collateral items, if you decided to get them with your package or wanted to add them on. Collateral items are usually things like Facebook cover images, Instagram templates, Pinterest graphics, etc. – mostly social media oriented. But they can also be things like business cards, letterhead, PDFs, blog headers, and other digital and print media. 

Finally, I create a shared Google Drive folder where I put all of your files – any logos, font files (if you purchased font licenses), graphics, collateral, or anything else that goes with your project. And I give you the link, of course!

Included in the shared Google Drive folder is a farewell packet which contains info about any ongoing services you may be interested in, such as monthly retainer packages or add-on services like email marketing setup or social media management.

And that's about it! 

Congrats, you've got yourself a rockin' website! 

Of course I'm available for email support for 30 days post-project, so if you run into any problems or have questions about how to do something, I'll be there to help ya out! I wouldn't just turn you loose into the wild without offering a lifeline until I know you'll be OK. ;-)

Any questions? Leave 'em in the comments and I promise I'll get back to ya!