My 5 Favorite Podcasts for Female Entrepreneurs

Hello, my name is Anabelle and I'm obsessed with podcasts.

I listen to them All. The. Flippin'. Time. And I mean ALL THE TIME: in my kitchen, while packing my kiddo's lunch or making dinner, in the shower (shout out to Bluetooth shower speakers), in the car, while running errands (grocery shopping, waiting for doctor/dentist appointments, getting my nails done, etc.), even in my bedroom while getting ready for bed.

Yep, I'm listening to podcasts pretty much whenever I have some spare time.

After a solid year-plus of sampling a large variety of podcasts geared toward female entrepreneurs, I recently realized I've settled upon a core of five podcasts that I listen to again and again.

13 Fabulous Online Tools I Use Practically Every Day (and most of them are free!)

I am . . . shall we say . . . not great at organization. Those who know me may be surprised by that statement. (HA HA JUST KIDDING.) Look, we creative types often thrive in chaos, right? So having it all together just doesn't come naturally to our right-brained selves. 

What I'm trying to say is, I need help in this department. Lucky for me, I've found several tools that keep me squared away . . . and I'd like to share them with you in case you've been looking for these magical apps, too!