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My Process from Start to Finish {Part 3: Copywriting}

Ahhhhh . . . we finally get to my favorite part, copywriting.

(Well, it's one of my favorite parts. OK, they're all my favorite part, in different ways . . . you know, like parents with their kids. Allegedly.) 

Anyway, my background is in teaching writing, so this phase is naturally enjoyable for me. The hardest part is just getting some words on the page, because what I really love to do is edit and proofread, but I've gotta have some material first before I can jump to that part! 

My Process from Start to Finish {Part 2: Branding}

Next up in my series about my process: branding! 

The simplest way to explain what branding is = how you present your business to the world. Many people think branding is just a logo and some colors, but it's much more than that. Branding encompasses the style, mood, and tone of your business: how you want your potential clients or customers to think and feel about your brand. 

So how do we make this happen? Much of it comes through the visual presentation of your brand.