5 Ways I’m Preparing My Business for a Holiday Break

Yes folks, it’s That Time of the Year again. If you’ve been in any stores lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed!

(But seriously, am I the only person who feels like 2018 just started? I mean, it DID, right? Like maybe a few weeks ago?)


Like it or not, the holidays are upon us (Thanksgiving is in TWO WEEKS, y’all) and my guess is that you’d like to take some time off from your business to actually enjoy it. Totally understood. I want the same thing.

That’s why I’m planning to take off the last week of December and the first week of January. (We’re going to DISNEY WORLD – woot woot!) However, I’m not planning to drop my biz like a hot…chestnut roasting over an open fire? (Look, I’m trying here.)

Instead, I’m making plans NOW to keep my business going even when I’m in sunny Florida. Read on to find out how it’s gonna work.