5 Reasons Why Having Your Own Website Can Help Your MLM Business


So you have an MLM biz.

And with that, you've probably got your own "website" through your company, which is really just a special link where people can buy your stuff. OK, that makes sense.

So why would you need a separate website? 

Listen up – I've got five reasons why you do.

1. You can have a page on your site dedicated to recruiting & building your team.

Sure, you've got that company link so someone can join your team . . . 

. . . but why should they sign up with YOU?

(Pssst . . . tell them!)

Use this section of your site to fully explain the benefits and perks of joining your MLM company, and specifically, why it's a brilliant idea to join under your team. What do YOU have to offer that makes your team unique? Educate your prospective team member about what you do differently that would make a difference in their experience in that MLM company.

An effective way to do this is to explain the process in detail so their questions are answered before they're even asked. You could easily do this through a FAQ section on the page. (Provide brief answers – no one wants to wade through huge blocks of text!)


2. You can have a section of your site just for your team.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest reasons to get your own site!

Imagine having one place where you can store all of your training materials – where your team members can easily download whatever they need whenever they want – and also have quick links to other training avenues you may have, like Facebook groups.

Plus, you can make it password-protected so not just anyone could waltz right in there and see all the behind-the-scenes training that's going on.

So awesome! 


3. You can show off your products more thoroughly than you can through your company-provided site.

Use your blog (or your general website) to tell your customers why you LOOOOVE the products you sell! Be real – people appreciate authenticity – and explain what it is about these products that made you want to sign up with your MLM company.

Perhaps you could feature a new product each week. Maybe you could provide a space on your site to showcase customer reviews of a particular product. Or you could embed videos of you showing your customers how to use different products. The options are limitless.

Whatever you decide to do, your content will give a refreshingly personal view of what you sell that will be decidedly less "corporate" than the info provided on your company's site. This will have a big effect on your customers and will likely lead them to buy what you're selling.


4. Having a blog on your own site CAN boost your online lead generation (in other words, getting new customers!)

You want more people to hear about you? There's something you can do to make that happen – start a blog. 

There's lots of advice out there on the interwebs about how to use Pinterest and Facebook to get people to your blog – and after you get them there, you can have an email opt-in to get them on your list so you can contact them later.  


5. You can create a real relationship with customers & potential customers.

This is hands-down the best reason why you need your own site.

People don't buy products for logical reasons. They buy based on emotions, on how they believe the product will improve their lives or how they will feel by using the product. And at the core of the decision to buy is the relationship the customer has with the seller. 

What better way to develop a relationship with your customers and potential customers than by having your own website where you can tell your audience more about who you are, why you do what you do, and why your products are perfect for them?

Let them learn more about you. This will develop the "like/know/trust factor" – the process people go through before they decide to buy (as in, first they'll like you, then they'll get to know you, and then they'll learn to trust you).

The process of getting a website up and running doesn't have to be complicated. For a basic site, you could use something like Wix or Weebly to get something together without needing to code anything. For a more comprehensive site, look into Squarespace.

(Or you could hire someone to do this for you . . . just sayin'.) 

Whichever route you decide to take, JUST TAKE ONE. Get a website going for your MLM biz – you WON'T regret it. 

Speaking of websites . . . .

Do you already have one?

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Like maybe eight years?

Does it look like you DIY’ed it?

Are you embarrassed to show it to other people?

Or maybe you’ve just never really liked it in the first place?

(Ugh, I know the feeling!)

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