Blogging: 18 Post Ideas to Inspire You


So you've got a blog all ready to go. Congrats! 

Now you've just gotta figure out what to write about. 


Hmmm . . . .

[drawing a blank]





Yeah, I dunno.


Hey, don't feel bad if your head isn't immediately filled with three months' worth of content. It can be tough for anybody to know what to write about.

Luckily, you've found this blog post, which will give you 18 ideas to break through that writer's block!


A great way to find topics to write about is to brainstorm what your ideal client wants or needs to know. Are there questions they ask that you can answer? Turn those questions (and answers!) into blog posts. Easy!



Did you recently learn some new trick or tip that your ideal clients could use? Blog about it! 



Check out Quora to see what people in your target market are asking. (It's also a great place to do research!)



Write a review of something – an online course you took, a book, an app, an experience – anything that would be of interest to your ideal client.



Use Google to help you find what people want to know. Start typing in a question about your area of expertise and see how Google finishes the sentence. Example: A search for "what should I blog about" finished that sentence with "today, to make money, first, and quiz," all of which would make excellent blog content.



Write a how-to guide for a specific issue your ideal client may be dealing with. "Break it down Barney-style," as my husband would say. (Surely you remember Barney the giant purple dinosaur, right?)



Shine a spotlight on some of your past work by featuring what you did for a past client. This could take the form of a portfolio gallery, a case study, an interview – the possibilities are limitless, and this idea will show off what you can do without making you look like a narcissist who's fishing for compliments.



Speaking of interviews, try interviewing someone! Make sure the person has expertise relevant to your ideal client, though. (Yeah yeah, I'm repeating myself . . . it's just REALLY important to keep all of your content focused on your target audience!)



Take a contrary stance to something popular. Be controversial. Example: "Chocolate is Disgusting - Here's Why." (Real talk: I honestly don't like chocolate. Worst of all is the smell of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Barf!) Just make sure your opinion is genuine and related to what you do, and you're not just trying to piss people off.



Write a list of your favorite quotes, either with or without comment. 



You could use this blog post as inspiration and generate some kind of list to help your readers with something you know a lot about. It's been proven over and over that people loooooove lists.



Do a compare/contrast post by thinking back to when you were just learned to do what you do now, and think about the lessons you've learned along the way. Maybe share what you'd do differently if you had to do it all over again, or use the post as encouragement for people still on the journey.



Share a list of your favorite tools/resources, especially if they can help your (you guessed it) ideal client. 



Find a fellow blogger in a similar field and swap guest posts. This is a fabulous opportunity to expand your visibility and gain new readers!



Take a popular misconception and prove it wrong. BOOM - busted!



Write a "behind-the-scenes" post to show your ideal client how you do what you do. YOU may not find this very interesting, but people who don't do what you do think it's cool!



Write about your greatest influences – authors, bloggers, artists, designers, whomever had an impact on your career path. Bonus points if your ideal client probably hasn't heard of them before!



Write a round-up! Think of your favorite ________ and share them in a Top 10 style post. These kind of posts are really popular because they pack a lot of valuable information into one place. 

Have any more blog post ideas that I didn't cover? Put 'em in the comments below – I'm always looking for fresh fodder! :-)