6 Reasons Why You Need a Blog for Your Business


I firmly believe that everybody with a business needs a blog. Yes, ERRY’BODY. Even you. (Or ESPECIALLY you!)


Because I care about you and your biz, girlfriend! I want us all to rock this business thang together!

And a big part of rockin’ your biz online is having (and maintaining!) a blog where you regularly and consistently post new content.

But whyyyyyyyy???? I can almost hear you say. I have nothing to write about! I have nothing to say!

No need to fret about that quite yet. (Actually, I’ve got a blog post that answers that question if you want it.)

Back to today’s post – First, let me explain how having a blog will help your business, no matter what it is that you do.

Look, let’s be real here. Chances are, you honestly can’t afford NOT to have a blog.

So here ya go: the top 6 reasons why YOU need a blog for your business!

1) Blogging is a natural way to create content, which – as you share it – gains you more attention and visibility, which attracts new potential clients.


Look, y’all, it’s all about content creation.

Nothing bad ever comes from creating content.

Only good things come from creating content: good things like increased visibility, enhanced authority, and (inevitably) more clients.

View your blog like the center of all your marketing efforts: everything – from Facebook to Pinterest to Instagram to email marketing – stems from the content you publish on your blog. All of the content you create can stem from the content on your blog.


2) Blogging gives you a way to connect with your potential clients and build an audience.


This is perhaps THE biggest reason to maintain a blog on your site.

Blogging provides a way for your intended audience to get to know you.

And once they feel like they know you, they’ll start to like you.

And once they start to like you, they’ll trust you.

(Yep, it’s that all-important know/like/trust factor at work here!)

As you start getting regular readers to your blog, you’ll grow the number of followers you have, which will naturally grow the number of leads you have. That, in turn, will greatly increase the odds that some of them will decide to work with you. All from just having a blog!

You can’t beat blogging for building a strong relationship with your readers/potential clients. There’s honestly nothing better out there that even comes close.


3) Blogging gives you a platform to educate your potential clients about what you do.


Often, entrepreneurs (especially online entrepreneurs) struggle to find a way to explain what they do in a sentence or two.

Enter blogging.

Through your posts, you have the golden opportunity to teach your audience what it is that you do. Not only that, you can educate them on all kinds of topics related to what you do. They’ll likely gain a better understanding of your services through reading your blog posts.

(Plus, you have a chance to convince them that they NEED your services!)

Another way to look at it: Blogging will help you to repel potential clients that you DON’T want.

Yes, I said repel. That’s exactly what you want to do in order to have a successful online business – because if you’re trying to appeal to everyone, you’re actually appealing to no one.

Specificity is key, friend. You want people who aren’t your ideal clients to see your page and leave so they don’t waste your time – and so you won’t waste theirs!

Blogging gives you an opportunity to signal to your readers exactly who you want to work with – and who isn’t a good fit for your services.


4) Blogging is a way to showcase your knowledge, which builds your reputation as an expert.


By writing about things related to your business, you’re projecting confidence and authority to your readers. Even if you experience imposter syndrome, or what the Being Boss ladies refers to as “fraudy feelings,” by writing blog posts related to your business, you’re conveying that crucial message of HEY, Y’ALL, I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT HERE.

Think about it for a second. When you’re googling something and you come across a blog post about that topic, don’t you immediately assume the author has some sort of expertise in that area? I know I do. It’s a totally subconscious assumption, but it’s definitely there.

Guess what? Other people will think the same thing about YOUR blog posts!

This is a great way to convert potential clients into actual clients – if they see that you have blog posts that preemptively answer their questions, that’ll skyrocket their trust level with you, making it more likely that they’ll work with you.

Look – you know your stuff or else you wouldn’t have this biz in the first place. So put on your confidence pants* and write!

*Do you actually have confidence pants? I don’t, although I definitely feel more confident when I’m wearing an awesome outfit. But I digress….


5) Blogging is an easy way to measure YOUR ANALYTICS, such as shares, likes, comments, and page views.


Think about it . . . people who read your blog posts are coming to your website because they want to hear what you have to say!

Blogs are an excellent way to get people on your site, increasing the likelihood that they’ll become clients simply because they’ll know you exist.

By checking out your blog posts, your readers are bumping up your site visitor stats and page views. This Is A Good Thing.

You’ll also be able to see how often your content is being shared, liked, etc. (which is also A Good Thing).

You can use these metrics to tweak your strategy. Maybe you notice that the blog posts about watermelons get way more traffic than the blog posts about cabbage. Use that info to shift your focus onto watermelons and spend less time writing about cabbage.

In other words, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT, YO! Tracking your metrics will help you make informed decisions about this stuff.


6) Blogging forces you to really think about what you want to focus on.


In order to have a successful blog, you’ll need to think deliberately about what your intended audience would want to read.

This is where a content calendar (aka an editorial calendar) comes in – it’s a calendar that tracks what you blog about and when you write/edit/publish/publicize your posts.

By using a content calendar, you can brainstorm several ideas for posts and then schedule them out weeks in advance, which goes a long way to thwarting writer’s block. (Believe me, I know.)

An editorial calendar doesn’t have to be fancy. Sure, you can make it as complicated as you want – you do you, boo – but it can also be really simple. Here’s a screenshot of mine:

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 12.40.50 PM.png

See, it’s nothing spectacular. It’s a simple table inside a Google Doc. I have the topic of the week on the left-hand side, and then a basic calendar with certain blog-related tasks assigned to different days. (It’s also got the launch calendar for my upcoming 5-day email course Brand Camp in there so I can manage my time better.)

Each day I do something related to my blog. I publish my blog posts on Wednesdays and work backward from there. Splitting it up like this keeps it from feeling overwhelming.

I make lots of changes to my editorial calendar, so what you see here for the next few weeks may not actually materialize (ex. I often move topics around), but having this “home base” keeps me much more organized than not having one.

Now, do you need to have a traditional blog?

Feel free to experiment with a form of blogging that feels “right” to you.

Maybe creating YouTube videos is more your style, or maybe you’d feel more comfortable doing a Facebook Live once a week. Maybe you’d rather do quick 250-500 word entries a few times a week, or maybe you’d prefer to write long-form, 1500-word posts once every two weeks that really dig into your subject matter on a deeper level.

The great thing about blogging is:

it’s totally up to you!

Now get out there, my friend, and start a biz blog today!

And don’t forget to leave the link to your blog in the comments below so we can give each other a few more page views. (Don’t know ‘bout you, but I love to help a sistah out!)

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Like maybe eight years?

Does it look like you DIY’ed it?

Are you embarrassed to show it to other people?

Or maybe you’ve just never really liked it in the first place?

(Ugh, I know the feeling!)

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