Yay for Clients! {COURSE REVIEW}


FYI – I’m not receiving any compensation for this review and I don’t have affiliate links – it’s simply my honest, unvarnished opinion.

Hey, y’all. Don’t know if you already knew this about me, but my formal education is in teaching. Secondary English education, to be exact.

Yep, I’m a licensed English teacher (and a damned good one, at that…just sayin’). I tell you this so you’ll know I’m pretty used to grading someone’s work.

Today, the metaphorical paper on my desk is Yay for Clients, Courtney Johnston’s signature program.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a lot better about signing up for a course if I can find an honest review of it somewhere on the internet. I like to know what I’m getting myself into, y’know? But as far as I can tell, no one has reviewed YFC yet, so I’m doing it now.

It’s time for me to get out the ol’ gradebook and red pen….just kidding. I never did that – I always used aqua pens.

But seriously, folks, let’s get into the review.

Spoiler alert: Best course I’ve ever taken, hands-down.

Spoiler alert: Best course I’ve ever taken, hands-down.


The Course

Yay for Clients is split up into six modules over eight weeks. (Two weeks are “Implementation Weeks” where you spend an extra week on a module before moving onto the next one.)

The modules are:

  • Module 1: Claim Your Niche

  • Module 2: Your Signature Service

  • Module 3: Test Your Services

  • Module 4: Launch

  • Module 5: Systems

  • Module 6: Book Out

How the course is taught: Each module includes thorough video instruction and well-designed, easy-to-follow workbooks/worksheets.

NOTE: You don’t get the entire course at once because Courtney is adamant that you go through the modules in order and in real time – no skipping ahead!

TBH, I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t access the entire course at once, but I soon realized why Courtney wants her students to focus on one module at a time. The reason? It really IS crucial to do ALL the work before moving onto the next module.

And just as a heads-up, she has you start at the very beginning. Like, the VERY beginning: why you’ve created this particular business, who you’re aiming to serve, why you care about this whole thing anyway. In other words, the fundamental underpinnings of your entire business.

DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP, no matter how confident you are in your business. It’s the foundation of the entire course. (You’ve been warned.)

At times throughout the course, I’ll admit I was really confused about how exactly I should implement Courtney’s action steps, particularly in the early modules. To be fair, I’m the kind of person who is overly obsessed with making sure I’m doing things “right,” so I needed more clarification than many of my peers.

But luckily, Courtney is great at making things “click” through further explanations, whether it’s through the Facebook group, during Office Hours (both are explained later in this post), or even an occasional FB Live.


Important note: You aren’t expected to finish the course on the first go-around.

In fact, you probably won’t make it past Module 3 or 4 before the live round ends.

This is on purpose.

Realistically, it’ll take several months to get through the entire course, even though the live round only lasts for 8 weeks. For example, the last live round ended in July and I’m in Module 4(-ish) at this point. (I did take about 6 weeks off to move across the country this summer – otherwise I think I’d be further along by now.)

Anyway, Courtney does have a rationale for designing a course that essentially doesn’t end until well after the “live” element is over.

In her view, continuing the live round past 8 weeks would raise the price of the course beyond what most entrepreneurs enrolled in the course can realistically afford. Seeing as the course is set up for newer entrepreneurs who aren’t yet making a consistent $2-5K/month, this makes a lot of sense.

Besides, she launches this course a few times a year, so you can always participate in the next round of YFC to finish up – which is exactly what I plan to do. :-)


Another important note:

Make sure you watch the videos and download the workbooks from Modules 5 & 6 during the live round – even if you’re not there yet – so you can ask any questions you might have in the FB group or in Office Hours.


Most importantly, in order to reap all the benefits from this course,


(Should be obvious, but I thought I’d say it anyway.)

If you blow off the resources available to you, you probably won’t see much in terms of results.

But if you throw yourself into it, it WILL pay off.


EXTRA GOODIES (because everyone loves goodies)

There’s a whole slew of bonuses that come with the course – and if you sign up early enough, you’ll get even more awesome bonuses! Par-taaaay! This past spring, I was one of the first people to sign up for the summer launch, and believe me, I looooved my bonuses.

Now, I won’t list out the bonuses in case they change, but listen – no matter what she throws into the mix, they’re GOOD.

Like, real good.

Like, Courtney could totally sell these individually and make enough to have a Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins to swim in. (In fact, some of the bonuses are things she has charged for in the past – but they come at no additional cost for YFC students!)

MY ADVICE: Sign up as soon as the course launch goes live to grab those sweet bonuses, too!

Office Hours

Courtney holds live “Office Hours” on Fridays – be sure to make room in your calendar for these, because they are honestly some of the most valuable hours you’ll spend in the entire course. Office Hours were particularly helpful for me when I really needed to talk through some concepts and get more clarity on what I should be doing.

Courtney is a walking and talking Wikipedia of knowledge about the online biz world, and she shares all she knows in these weekly sessions. Don’t miss them or you’ll regret it. (You’ve been warned.)

I went to every scheduled office hours, and I would still watch the recordings afterwards so I could get stuff I missed the first time. In fact, yesterday I went back and watched the last two Office Hours sessions because I know they’ll be gone once the new round starts, and they’re so chock-full of good info.

You’ll get the Office Hours schedule at the beginning of the course, so make sure you put them in your planner or digital calendar or whatever the heck you use to keep yourself organized.

If you absolutely MUST miss one of these sessions, you can submit your question in advance through each week’s designated FB thread, but honestly? It’s so much better to be there for the live call so you can ask follow-up questions if you need to.

The Facebook Group

This is seriously one of my FAVORITE parts of this course!

Sure, lots of courses have their own FB groups, but usually (in my experience) they aren’t very active or interesting.

Not so with this group!

Students – and alumni – are really chatty in the best way possible. There’s so much camaraderie and support in there. I loved getting input from my fellow students and from the more seasoned alumni, who often could give me fantabulous insight on whatever I was working on at the time.

In short . . . .

Got questions?
Feel stuck?
Have a win to celebrate?
Just had a major (or minor) breakthrough?


You’ll get all the love and help you need and deserve. Promise.

(And hey, I still hang out there, so stop in and say hi!)

The Bottom Line

YFC is the best course I’ve taken so far, and I’m a bit of a course collector (OK OK, I’m obsessed with courses).

To be totally honest, I had lots of anxious butterflies in my stomach when I enrolled in the course and clicked that final “pay now” button. It was a scary step to take – this course cost more than any course I had taken up to that point. But I had a feeling it would pay off, and it DID.

Overall, I highly recommend this course for those of you out there who aren’t making a consistent $2-5K a month.

Using the strategies I learned in YFC, I booked enough clients to pay for the course (and then some!) before the course even ended.

It’s a great investment in your business, as long as you plan to throw yourself into it.

Again, I’m not getting any kickbacks from writing this – I just emphatically believe that this course is too good to pass up.

Final Grade: A

YFC will pay for itself – if you put in the work.


Courtney’s hosting two live webinars on Tuesday, October 16 at 12pm EST and at 6pm EST as a preview for the next round of Yay for Clients.

To register, just click here (or on the pic below).

If you are reading this in time, SIGN UP.

Like, NOW.

Her webinars are always always always packed with kickass info, and chances are excellent that you’ll love her upbeat yet pull-no-punches personality. She’s really down-to-earth and very engaged with her audience.

Why are her webinars so awesome? Mostly because she’s terrific at breaking down big abstract goals – like $5K a month – into bite-size action steps to help you gain traction and reach your goals. Lots of people talk about income goals, but Courtney is one of very few people who actually make it seem attainable, IMO. And there’s a refreshing “no BS” vibe going on, which is lovely.

(And BTW, if you haven’t checked out her YouTube channel yet, get thee to YouTube posthaste! You’ll get a taste of her style and wealth of information just by watching a few short videos.)

Basically, if you don’t sign up for one of her webinars, you’ll regret it and then you’ll be sad and I’ll be sad because you didn’t listen to me and it will just be a big huge mess of sadness and WHO WANTS THAT NOT ME SO SIGN UP FOR THE WEBINAR OK THANKS BYE.

Whether you decide to sign up for YFC or not, I guarantee you’ll glean some helpful info from this upcoming webinar. I plan to attend one, and as you know, I’ve already been through the course!

But if you are reading this after the webinars have ended, head over to her YouTube channel and binge-watch her videos and/or go to her Yay for Clients website to get on the waiting list for the next live round.

Yay for Clients worked for me!

It can definitely work for you, too.