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So, how's your website?


"My website is good but not great. It needs lots of work."

"I've tried taking a DIY course but I'm not fully seeing any improvement."

"I am DIYing it right now, but I'd love to have a more intensive audit and correction of my site."

Sound familiar?


If you're anything like me, figuring out how to DIY your site is hard . . . and it takes way more time than you expected. 

Believe me, I know. I learned how to create websites the HARD way – and I'd like to make it a little easier for you!

That's why I created Review & Renew –– a 3-part system to help YOU take your website from womp-womp to WOW! 

If you sign up for Review & Renew, here's what you'll get:

  • an in-depth evaluation of your current website, focusing on the 3 main areas of any website: branding, copywriting, and web design

  • a 30-minute videoconference so we can look at your site together & discuss areas of improvement in each of the 3 areas

  • a comprehensive written report with specific, easy-to-implement action steps to take in each area to freshen up your site and a recording of our videoconference


This package is a $397 value,
but for a limited time, I’m offering it for only $249!

I only have 3 spots left at this price, though.

(And honestly, I'm not sure if I'm going to offer this again – so if you're at all interested, jump on it now!)

I want this!
What do I need to do?


The first step is contacting me via the contact form. After you do that, you’ll receive an email that will contain a link to my online calendar so you can schedule your time slot for our meeting.

Once you've scheduled your time slot, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the appointment details, including a link to our online meeting.

I use Zoom for videoconferencing – it's a lot like Skype (but better, in my opinion) and it's free!

But if you've never used Zoom before, you'll need to make sure it's downloaded on your computer before we meet.

Oh, that's another thing – you'll need to be on a laptop or desktop computer for our meeting because I will be sharing my screen with you. It's MUCH easier to do this (and have you see what I'm doing!) when you're using a larger screen. 


You're SO close to having the site you deserve.


Let's do this.