Dream client - small business owner; intimidated by technology; very busy; don't have time to learn how to DIY; don't have big budget; 

Understand their "pain points" –– show you get their fears w/empathy and authority

Give them a plan and summarize it

Point out how working with me will solve their pain points –– what successes could they have if problem is solved?

What tragic results could happen if problem is NOT solved?

Identify the transformation they'll have

Why is a good website/copy so important?

What will they gain from working with me? (List benefits)

Why does this matter to my ideal client?


We're a perfect match if:   / This is for you if:


We may not be a good fit if:



Before / After



And you know if you want your business to be taken seriously,

you've got to have a modern, professional website.



You = guts + grit + GO



You've got a small business and you're really good at what you do. But when it comes to the online aspect of running a business, you're intimidated. Technology moves too fast for you to keep up, and you feel like you have no idea what you're doing. You'd love to have someone take care of all the online stuff for you, but your budget is limited. Yet you don't want to DIY because you don't have the time or energy to spare. 



Why Squarespace? 

Easy to update

No coding required



Built-in analytics

Responsive design



Everything your business needs to blossom online



Show the world what your business is all about with a visual brand that combines personality with purpose.

After an in-depth consultation with you, I'll combine a carefully-chosen color palette, complementary fonts, and an overall style to create a distinctive look that is all YOU. 

Website design

Ready for a website that's as professional as you are? Coming right up! 

You've only got a few seconds to make a good impression, and that's even more true online. 

No worries –– I'll make sure you wow your target audience through smart, intuitive design.


Your website isn't just a pretty face, of course.

To really seal the deal with your dream clients, you've gotta woo them with clear, compelling writing. 

You can rest assured that I've got the writing chops to keep your clients smitten and spellbound.

One-on-one training

It doesn't matter whether you already know your way around a computer or if you can barely check your email –– really!

By the end of your personal instruction session, you'll know how to add content, make changes to the design, and tweak other details so your website always looks exactly as you want it.