If you’re here, you fit into one of two categories:

A) You don’t have a website and are overwhelmed by the prospect of DIYing it.

B) You have a website, but you aren’t, shall we say, in love with it.

Either way, this ain’t right.

Girl, you deserve a website that sweeps you off your feet.

You’re like the internet version of Cinderella – you’re a freaking Disney PRINCESS – and you should be with the website equivalent of Prince What’s-His-Name.

Don’t settle for Mr. Wrong.

(Or is that Prince Wrong? Whatevs. Go with it.)


Take a chance on love

Get yourself a rockin’ new site with the Total Package!



So what’s included in the Total Package?

(Answer: Just about everything.)



First things first.

You need a logo, a color palette, a few thoughtfully-selected fonts, and an overall vibe to get your branding off the ground.

We’ll work together to find JUST the right selections to make your branding The One for you.

By the time we’re done with this phase, you’ll love what we’ve created. Promise.


copy coaching

Next up? Copywriting!

You’re not going to go far in the online world if your copy isn’t up to snuff. That’s why I’ll work with you to carefully craft your copy so we’ll target your ideal clients.

It’ll be like we’re speaking their language – and we will be, because we will have done plenty of research on your dream clients to know exactly what they’re looking for, using their own words and phrases.

And if you already have some copy you’d like to use, fantastic! I’ll edit it to make it really pop in the minds of your future clients.


web design

Finally, we get to the part where it all comes together: actually creating the website!

Using your brand style guide I created back in step 1 and the copy from step 2, I’ll build your website (up to 5 pages) – and because we did our homework, it’ll be a perfect match for your business.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to give me feedback to make sure my design meets (and exceeds!) your wildest dreams. It’ll be ahhhhmazing.

Just a heads-up: I prefer building sites on Squarespace, but if you prefer Wix or Wordpress, just let me know. (Wordpress sites will incur additional fees.)

1-3 review & renew.png

one-on-one training

Last but not least, we’ll go through your site together via videoconferencing and screen-sharing so I can show you around all the nooks and crannies – and to give you a personal lesson on how to manage the site on your own.

After our lesson, you’ll be able to add/change/delete text, create photo and video galleries, write and edit blog posts, move things around (or get rid of them altogether), etc. – basically, I’ll show you how to do whatever you want to learn.

Have faith – you can do it, friend!


Your investment:


Payment Plan


• 50% due at time of booking (non-refundable deposit to hold your spot)

• Remaining 50% due by project start date


May & June 2019



Ready to go?

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