"I understand the problem"

Identify the actual specific thought in your "muse's" head (ideal client)

"How did she get inside my head???"


Expand on the CORE frustration (use some of the 5 senses)

2-3 short paragraphs

Punch it up with bullet points

Top 3-5 frustrations

"Have you ever wondered one of the following?"

Your BFF asks if you have a site where she can send her friends to learn more about your biz. All you have is your Younique site, but it's not personalized. 


A friend of a friend shows some interest in becoming a Younique Presenter with you. She contacts you on FB and asks 


You want to increase your sales

You want your customers to get to know you better

You want to develop a relationship with your customers, but it's really hard since your business is all online

You want to gain repeat clients and build that trust with them

You want a place where people can learn more about signing up to become a Presenter with you


It's tough building a MLM business online rather than in person.