"I understand what you want"

What will they be/do/have as a result of using my service?

Hint: the core desire is also the main benefit that your offer is going to deliver. It needs to be specific and it needs to be EXACTLY what your people want.

Represents where your target client wants to be

Also needs to be something they BELIEVE is possible for them within a specific time frame


Expand on the CORE desire

Paint a picture of what is actually possible

Have them imagine (see, hear, feel) what they will be/do/have once they've used your service.




FINALLY . . . .

You have a place where your customers can go to get to know YOU and what you do

You want a place where people who are kind of interested in becoming a Presenter can go to learn more about the opportunity and why they should sign up with YOU

You want a place where you can continue to nurture the relationship you're building with your customers

You want a place where you can explain why you're different -- why your customers should buy from YOU